Thursday, 9 October 2008

How not to - #1

Over the last few years bluechrome have received all sorts of strange submissions. I presume we aren't the only ones and that it isn't personal in most cases, but the one that has stayed with me was actually a resubmission. Initially, all went well, a letter nicely typed, a double-spaced manuscript and return postage to Sunderland. The submission, I have to say, wasn't very good and I wrote my own letter and sent it back, apologising for the fact that it wasn't for us, but best of luck elsewhere. Without getting too 'Readers Digest', imagine my surprise when the gentleman in question decided to resubmit the very same manuscript, as he didn't believe that we could have read it and not seen it's potential for mass market domination. This time though he decided to get it delivered not through the post, but instead by hitchhiking from Sunderland to Bristol before nailing it to the front door of of my house with a nail gun. Well, former house, luckily I'd moved in the interim.

(guest blogger: Anthony at bluechrome)