Saturday, 25 October 2008

What is a BubbleCow edit?

Editing manuscripts is the very heart of any literacy consultancy - new or old.

Whether you are paying for a professional opinion on your manuscript or a long term mentorship, then the editing of your work is the thing you are actually buying.

At BubbleCow we offering the following:

  • In-depth line by line feedback - as standard.
  • Solid, practical advice on ways in which you can improve your work.
  • Critical support

...what we don't offer is a general, non-specific reader's review of your manuscript.

Since all our work is done online we make the most of the proof reading tools that are already part of all word processing software. This means that, you the reader, can see exactly what we think you should change and also actually which parts of your manuscript we think work well. It's the easiest way for us to work closely with you.

I would suggest that before you spend your hard earned cash with any literacy consultancy that you look carefully at just what they are offering and if it fits with what you need.

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