Friday, 14 November 2008

Using your blog to find fans

Blogging is a great tool for building a fan base and can be a good way for writers to get their work known. However, it is a long and hard journey.

Here are my top five tips for writers looking to set up a successful blog:

1. Blog regularly - Once a day is the maximum.

2. Go to others blogs and leave comments. Do this every day and spend at least half an hour a day doing so. Make it part of your daily routine. Try and find other blogs with lots of readers and leave comments on these blogs. This a great tool for assessing the popularity of a blog:

3. Reply to comments left on your blog within your own blog comments. This will encourage people to leave comments and also return to your blog to read your reply.

4. Develop an online persona. This is the online version of you and can be far more interesting than real life. I am not suggesting you make up a new person but make rules for your online life e.g. Don’t blog about the school run - it’s boring and no one really cares.

5. Be in it for the long haul - if you still have readers after a year you win.

6. (I know) Be interesting!

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