Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Trucking Hell

A few words from Gaz Hunter:

"Picture the scene... a nervous first-time writer is waiting for a phonecall from The Editor. The person allotted to him by his publisher to wrestle his work into a publishable book. To take the thin, almost etherial threads of useable material from the haystack of dross, and weave that into a fabric, a rich tapestry of prose.

The phone rings, and I (for yes, dear reader, I was that first-time writer!) answer. Nervously, as previously pointed out. What jewels would this paragon of the writing art throw at the feet of the grubby, ink-stained beginner? What advice would be gifted? What pearls before swine. I awaited the verdict, as the whole of the catholic church watches the smoke from the Vatican chimney.

*I am disappointed by the lack of sex!*

Yes.. well... it is an autobiography... I'm none to happy either!

Caroline edited, cajoled, suggested, threatened... she polished and primped, she cleaned and shined. She was a joy to work with. She started off as my editor, and I am now happy... nay, proud, to call her my friend.

And she fancies Simon Cowell... so don't go thinking she's perfect..."

You can buy Trucking Hell by Gaz Hunter, HERE.