Saturday, 3 January 2009

What should I include in my book synopsis?

The synopsis is the document that will sell your book, the cover letter is the opening gambit but the synopsis is the big sell. You need to remember that this is a sales document not (only) an extract of your work. You need to give the publisher/agent an insight into your vision.

Here’s a guide to the structure your proposal should take:

Paragraph 1: This is your elevator pitch - you need a few lines to sell your book. This needs to be concise and to the point. Here is a good starting point to learn more about elevator pitches in general.

Paragraph 2: This is a more detailed outline of the book. It should consist of a guide to the book's structure and the basic narrative thread of the story. It should also include a word count.

Paragraph 3: Here you need to define the genre of your book, detail your potential market, suggest similar titles, whilst also giving any details for future title.

Rest: This is an extract of your work - fifty double spaced pages is standard. Make sure you pick the FIRST fifty pages. The reader needs to get a feel for the book.


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