Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Five reasons a writer should twitter

DOT at West Pier Words recently wrote on his blog that he didn’t ‘get’ the whole Twitter thing. I could go on and on about the advantages of Twitter but thought I would reply with a simple five reasons list…
  1. To get your name known. Twitter provides yet another avenue for writers to raise their profile, tell people about their work and drum up new fans.
  2. To start a conversation. Twitter provides a perfect platform to take part in, and initiate, conversations about subjects that you find interesting. Conversations build relationships, which in turn potentially produce new readers for your books.
  3. To learn something new. There are many people on Twitter posting links to information they find interesting. If you follow like-minded people than you might just find something worth reading.
  4. To find a publisher/agent. Really! Publishers and agents are out there using Twitter. Make the link and build the relationship, you never know it might just lead to a new opportunity.
  5. To see just what Stephen Fry is up to. Fry is the king of twitter and we all must bow at his virtual feet.