Friday, 27 March 2009

Tips to get you writing

In preparation for BubbleCow’s #wordswrittentoday Twitter challenge here are a few basic tips to get you writing.

Set targets
Set yourself a target for the number of words that you want to write in a week and then break this down into daily amounts. The key is to make sure you are realistic in your expectations - you don’t have to write 1000s of words each day.

Remove all distractions
Set aside a time to write when you know you will not be distracted. Turn off the Internet, ignore your phone and close down Twitter…then write. You can download some software that will give you a word processor with no distractions. Try Writeroom for the Mac or Darkroom for the PC.

Just write
It’s all in the title - just write. At this point it’s all about words on the page. You can go back for crafting and editing at a later stage, early on just get the words written.