Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The four secrets to getting published

Secret 1 - The book will be excellent: Publishers and agents are inundated with projects and they are looking for something that is almost ready for print. The better you can make a manuscript the more chance you have of getting it published. You should seriously consider paying for a professional edit, since a good detailed edit will lift your book to the next level.

Secret 2 - The synopsis will be excellent: You get just one chance at selling your book. A good well written and well researched synopsis will lift your book above the competition. Check out this free resource for a detailed outline of what your synopsis should include.

Secret 3 - Persistence: This is probably the most powerful secret - never give up. A good idea will almost always remain a good idea. The trick is for a writer to match the idea with the right publisher and then keep their fingers crossed the timing is right. Don’t give up just because an agent or publishers says no. Books are rejected for many, many reasons and only a couple of these have anything to do with the quality of the writing.

Secret 4 - Focus: It is essential you get your book in front of the right publisher or agent. Research the market thoroughly before sending off any proposals. In an ideal world you will be able to get hold of a direct email or a name for postal submissions. The key is to do everything possible in your power to avoid the slush pile.

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