Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Adobe Buzzword - true on-line editing?

At BubbleCow all of our editing is done ‘on-line’. By this I mean that you email us your manuscript, we edit it on our computer and we then email the in-depth report back to your computer. We don’t accept paper submissions - it’s just not the way we work.

However, I have been aware for some time that there might be another way to do things. I have always played around with the idea of true on-line editing in which editors could comment live on a document and the writer could feedback their thoughts almost immediately. I have now come across Abode Buzword.

They say this:

‘Adobe® Buzzword® is a new online word processor, perfect for writing reports, proposals, and anything else you need to access online or work on with others. It looks and behaves like your normal desktop word processor, but it operates inside a web browser, so there's no installation required.’

Perhaps this is a solution?