Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Four things you can do today to sell more books

  1. Put an extract of your book on your blog/website/Facebook page/platform of your choice.
  2. Ask ten high profile writer bloggers if they would like a free review copy of your book, then send them out.
  3. Arrange three email interviews with fellow bloggers and talk about how you wrote your book, but remember not to make the interview into a sales pitch. It’s more important to be interesting and give the reader something of value.
  4. Run a competition on your blog giving away a free copy of your book. The more creative the competition the more people that will enter, but remember to keep it simple.
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1 comment:

  1. Important points that will help any author... thanks for sharing :)

    Wanted to add another bit to point one. Compared to a static image of a book cover and PDF excerpt authors can use a tool like BookBuzzr being given free at to show the cover and excerpt in a book form, where readers get a feel of a book.

    These tools can be used across social sites and websites.